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Who ever said you can't be "dope" and have a relationship with God? Only every stereotypical religious person who ever lived, right!? They make you believe you have to make so many changes about yourself before God would even think about accepting you. You've heard things like "I need to get my life together" or "God doesn't like ugly" your entire life probably and it's been implanted along with your concept of who you know God to be.

& I must say, they're absolutely WRONG!!!!

The bible tells soooo many stories of Jesus using sinners, helpless people, and even people who others believed to be unqualified. So why can't he use you?

One of my favorite stories of God using someone unexpected and unqualified comes from Joshua 2; the story of Rahab the prostitute and the spies. Yes, I said PROSTITUTE! Shocking, right!? Why would God ever use a prostitute? Was no one else available lol? We all know the professional duties of someone with such a title, so why would such a holy God use someone so unholy? I'll tell you why, because of her ability to be secretive and lie due to her profession. The thing we would view as the disqualifying factor in choosing Rahab to hide the spies is the same thing God knew would be useful in a situation as such! God knew she would be able to hide the spies and lie very well when the King of Jericho set out to look for them. God used her BAD for his GOOD!

This is exactly why Even You embraces imperfection. We believe that God can use ANYTHING about ANYBODY for his glory. Your pain, your heartaches, your story are all apart of a bigger picture. God is strengthening you so that you may be able to strengthen others going through something similar to what you've been through!

What's your story? What's that thing that you're holding onto? What is it about yourself that you believe God won't/can't use?

I'll leave you with this... Romans 8:28 (NIV) says "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

Choose a relationship with God today.. right where you are, as you are!

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